About Delis Negrón

Adela and Delis Negrón

Delis Negrón, born in 1901 in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, was a director, editor, poet, writer, translator, English professor and activist during his residence in the United States and Mexico City during the first half of the twentieth century.

Delis Negrón’s literary production can be traced through newspapers and literary work published in the United States and Mexico and at cultural events of cities across the state of Texas during the first half of the 20th century. He worked for the newspaper El Demócrata which was under the direction of the historian Don Vito Alessio Robles and for El Universal in Mexico City. After his residency in the Mexican capital, Negrón continued his journalism career in south Texas. He met his wife, Adela Aguilar, in Laredo where they settled and formed their family as he continued to make a name for himself in the journalism world. He was an editor for the Laredo Times, he founded El Día in Laredo in 1941 and ended his career as the director of editing of the Spanish newspaper La Prensa of San Antonio, Texas.

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